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Healthy tips from a Registered Dietitian

Healthy SuperBowl menu ideas

This SuperBowl Sunday, try some tasty and nutritious treats while you enjoy the big game.  For many of us, SuperBowl has come to represent large portions of not-so-healthy fare.  While not a big deal if you can manage portion size well and only occasionally indulge (rather than at every party or every family event), it can be challenging to maintain good health without a good plan. 

Planning means knowing your needs and wants and balancing them to find peace with your relationship with food.  When it comes to SuperBowl planning, you can simply plan on how you are going to balance your plate. 

Visualize dividing your plate into portions, with one fourth from protein, one fourth from starch and half from fruit and non-starchy veggies.  If you show up to your friend’s house and all the proteins are fried or high calorie, keep that in check when building your plate.  If you are in charge of the menu, be sure to offer a good selection of healthful items so plate balance is easily attainable. 

If you will be the host tonight, reconsider the bucket of fried chicken and trays of cookies and brownies.  The more you can plan the (healthy) menu ahead, the better your chances of meeting your nutrition goals.  Consider some of the following snack and meal ideas for your SuperBowl dinner tonight and feel good that you don’t feel guilty later:


  • Warm white bean dip (blend beans with a little olive oil, dash of lemon juice, garlic and herbs in a food processor or blender).  Serve with raw veggies and pretzel thins
  • Hummus with a selection of apple slices (toss with lemon juice to prevent browning), carrots, broccoli and pita chips
  • Chicken satay (marinated grilled chicken skewers)
  • A platter of veggie burgers and turkey burgers (keep the patties to 3oz portions or cut the burgers in half to allow individuals to select a smaller portion).  Be sure to offer a selection of lettuce, tomato and onions for toppings
  • A relish tray of pickles, olives, marinated mushrooms and peppers.  Set toothpicks out for serving, rather than spoons
  • Vegetarian or chicken chili for the main course
  • Make your own pizzas with flatbread crusts, lowfat cheese, pizza sauce and roasted veggies
  • Serve a large spinach salad with feta, sliced oranges, slivered almonds and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  • Coleslaw made with shredded cabbage, seeds (i.e. poppy seeds or sesame seeds) and light vinaigrette
  • Make a tray of turkey wraps, with whole grain wraps, lettuce, thinly sliced cucumbers and lean deli turkey.  Serve a variety of mustards on the side
  • For dessert, offer ice cream sandwiches.  Simple and single serve.  It might lessen the need for a plateful of high calorie desserts.  Even the kids will be delighted!

    SuperBowl, like other festive events, can be a fun time that does not have to wreak havoc on your waistline.  What you eat can be enjoyable and healthy at the same time – especially when you keep portions under control.



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