Julie Whittington, RD

Healthy tips from a Registered Dietitian

College snack ideas

-fruit & yogurt (Greek yogurt varieties have more protein)

-a banana & a pudding cup

-yogurt & 1/4 cup whole grain cereal or granola

-fresh fruit, fruit cup (in juice, not syrup) or frozen fruit & cottage cheese (or string cheese)

-soy chips or raw veggies & hummus (or salsa)

-a spinach/mixed greens salad with any raw veggies (i.e. sliced bell pepper/mushrooms/cucumber/prewashed broccoli florets), 1/4 cup cheese/tunafish/canned salmon, 1/4 cup crunchies (i.e. cereal/croutons), 2 tbsp lowfat dressing

-tunafish salad kit to-go (with whole grain crackers)

-canned tuna/salmon/chicken; deli turkey (or Tofurkey); or smoked salmon on a whole wheat wrap (i.e. Flatouts) or sandwich bread with condiment of choice and optional veggies

-can of soup (look for at least 5 grams protein)

-English muffin/toast/bagel thin with a banana and 1 tbsp nut butter

-packet of instant oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder (or make the oatmeal with milk and sprinkle nuts on top)

-microwave cup of macaroni & cheese

-bowl of cereal with milk (opt for cereal with at least 3 grams protein per serving).  Consider buying mini boxes to help with portion control

-mini popcorn bag (Kettle Corn for sweet tooth) & optional fresh fruit

-frozen veggie burger on a sandwich thin

-frozen berries!  Even with a glass of chocolate soymilk or almond milk (meets a sweet tooth!)

-Kind Fruit & Nut bar (some are sweet, some are savory) or a protein bar

-individually packed servings of crackers with string cheese or Laughing Cow spreadable cheese

-hardboiled egg (buy them already cooked) & fruit

-a homemade goodie (i.e. cookie or brownie) with a glass of milk

*Eat snacks slowly and mindfully.  Appreciate eat bite.  Have a glass of water or hot tea with your snack to help you pace yourself and digest well.*

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