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Research on benefits of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice as related to sleep & mesothelioma

-Basically 1oz (2 tablespoons) of tart cherry concentrate = 1 cup cherries

-Dr Oz says 2 fl oz concentrate/day or 2 cups frozen tart cherries 90 minutes before bed helps give the usual sleep inducing dose.

-The usual maximal dose of melatonin to induce sleep = 0.1-0.3mg

-Most over the counter melatonin supplements are >>>1mg (this is usually a child’s dose and considered very safe)

-Sources report that estimate of 1 fl oz of tart cherry concentrate = 42.6mcg melatonin = 0.0426mg

-Chemo patients sometimes get 10-50mg melatonin per day to help improve results of chemo

-Appears that the benefits of MONTMORENCY tart cherries extend beyond the melatonin content and may have benefit with fighting mesothelioma

Julie’s recommendations:

-Discuss melatonin with your doctors FIRST.

-If doctors give the ok, Drink 1-2oz tart cherry juice at night, about 90 minutes before bed (this amount is a small dose of melatonin ~ 0.084mg, but a large dose of healthy phytonutrients)

-If doctors agree that a therapeutic, medicinal dose of melatonin is warranted and could potentially help or at least not hurt, they will likely give you a prescription of 10-50mg melatonin per night to combine with the effects of the chemo & cherry juice, in order to aim to prevent cancer growth.

-if anything, the anti-inflammatory properties of these cherries could certainly be beneficial, as long as your doctors feel it will not negate effects of the chemo.  This is a delicate balance (how much antioxidants to consume during chemo) but certainly one that could potentially help extend your life, if your doctors give you the go ahead.Montmorency-Cherries1

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