Julie Whittington, RD

Healthy tips from a Registered Dietitian

Amount of melatonin in certain foods


Melatonin (mcg/oz)
bell peppers – 0.06
walnuts – 0.07
flax seeds (1tbsp) – 0.09
tomatoes – 0.1
fenugreek (1tsp) – 0.2
mustard seeds (1tsp) – 0.4
*tart cherries – 0.5 [not available in sweet or dried varieties]
**almonds – 1.1
***raspberries – 3.8
*****goji berries – 15

(Eat these one hour before bed for maximal results)

-10mcg (0.015mg) of melatonin boosts blood levels by 50 fold in 5 minutes

Other foods to help with easing into sleep, before bed:
pumpkin seed powder
mexican alcoholic drink (pulque)
Scottish or Irish oatmeal
warm milk

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