Julie Whittington, RD

Healthy tips from a Registered Dietitian

You are beautiful!

Affirmations provide us with tools to help us emotionally cope with our anxieties.  Especially if a person struggles with disordered eating, including emotional eating, affirmations can enable that person to improve positive self-talk and decrease the need to cope with food.  Some individuals cope by overeating, some by under-eating and others by simply choosing poor food choices.

To help improve your relationship with food and also with your own body, consider drafting a list of helpful affirmations that enable you to begin to separate food from your feelings.  Affirmations can help you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings but then help you to keep them in place.  They can also help to remind you of healthy coping alternatives (other than food) to help you manage your emotional and physical health.  So, instead of reaching for chocolate, alcohol or second helpings of pasta for comfort, you can learn to direct yourself to other healthier activities and thought patterns with the regular review of your affirmations.

Consider writing affirmations on notecards (with a hole punched through each one) and then attaching the cards together with a metal book ring, loose-leaf ring or piece of pretty ribbon.  Cards and rings are readily available at office supply stores.  Then, keep the bound notecards in an easy-access location, such as your purse, your desk drawer or your bedside table drawer.  Pull them out and read through them when you feel especially stressed.  Also, read them to proactively keep positive self-talk high and negative self talk out the window!

Listed below are examples of affirmations that will enable you to focus on keeping food and feelings separate.  This presents you with the opportunity to be more mindful when you eat (so you know the reasons why you are eating, when you need to eat and when you should stop eating).  Overall, they can encourage you to make choices that improve your emotional and physical selves.  Try to keep affirmations in the present tense to allow you to focus on the present moment:

When I nourish myself with healthful foods, I achieve good health become more productive.
Weight gain happens over time, so it is true that healthy weight loss will take time. I choose to take each day at a time in order to improve my health.
When I take care of myself, I feel better.
There is no one else exactly like me.  I am blessed for being me and I choose to take care of myself!
I love to exercise and feed my body healthy food.
I enjoy planning and preparing healthy, balanced meals for myself and my family.
I choose to stop, take 10 deep breaths and refocus.  This helps me to determine my true needs.
I am proud to call on my support system instead of reaching to food for comfort.
It is not about self control.  I choose to use self care.  I am going to journal today about my needs, in order to learn how to take care of myself better.
I ask myself not if I can heal, but how I can heal.  I choose to take it one step at a time.
I am not in control of others, but I am in control of myself. I choose to select healthy foods and allow myself time to rest.
I will reduce as much toxicity around and within me as I can.
I can cope with stress today without turning to or away from food.
I choose to practice positive self-talk. This helps me smile, give myself a break and choose healthy behaviors!

Look online for other great affirmations.  Positive self-talk has great power over your food choices, thoughts and feelings.  Give it a try!  Through this, you can achieve more internal peace and healthy behaviorsblue be YOU (tiful)

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