Julie Whittington, RD

Healthy tips from a Registered Dietitian

Ideas for healthy, kid – friendly restaurant options to try

-Shrimp cocktail
-Steamed or grilled vegetables (carrots and broccoli are actually reasonably popular among children…especially if there is a yummy dip alongside, such as raspberry vinaigrette dressing or ranch.
-Thai summer rolls (steamed and made with rice paper, served with plum or peanut dip)
-Edamame (at Asian restaurants…young, green soybeans with a healthful, vegetarian source of protein)
-Chicken quesadillas (on a whole wheat tortilla if possible, and possibly with half the normal amount of cheese).  Go for guacamole or salsa instead of sour cream or extra cheese.
-Chicken, shrimp or salmon Caesar salad (dressing on the side)…or really, any small salad with some sort of protein on top (even beans or tofu!)
-Chicken noodle soup
-Grilled chicken or fish served with rice instead of fries
-A lean beef, turkey or veggie burger
-A side of fruit/applesauce, yogurt or cottage cheese instead of chips
-A portion of a hummus appetizer (just watch out for the portion of bread or chips served and then also order some veggies or fruit to balance out the plate)
-A turkey sandwich with kid-friendly veggies like cucumbers, olives, lettuce and bell peppers and whole grain bread
-Peanut butter sandwich (hold the jelly, or at least go light on it)
-Plain pasta (no butter) served with marinara and parmesan cheese…even better if there is some grilled chicken or fish on top (a parent could even give a portion of theirs)
-Last but not least, low fat milk, water or club soda/seltzer instead of soda, lemonade or sweet tea

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