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Healthful ways to add calories and gain weight

Looking to add calories to your diet or the diet of a loved one?  Although it may be surprising, since most Americans seek to cut out calories from their diets, … Continue reading

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Managing picky eaters – today on NBC’s Charlotte Today

Tune in to NBC at 11:00 a.m. to watch me discuss picky eating among children and how to manage it. http://www.wcnc.com/charlotte-today http://www2.statesville.com/news/2011/sep/15/column-be-firm-patient-your-picky-eaters-ar-1396470/

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Kid-Friendly, Dietitian-Approved Lunchbox Ideas

This year at Bethel Presbyterian Weekday Preschool, our youngsters have the chance to get a taste of lunchtime at school!  Each school day, parents will pack lunch for their children.  … Continue reading

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Feeding Our Preschoolers Well

Do you think you serve your preschooler appropriate amounts of foods?  With all the kids’ food products out there, and oversized kids’ portions at restaurants, it can be difficult to … Continue reading

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Preschoolers’ Bone Health

1-3 year-olds need 500 mg calcium and >400 IU vitamin D 4-5 year-olds need 800 mg calcium and >400 IU vitamin D The DV (Daily Value) for Calcium is 1000 … Continue reading

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Crafty autumn meal ideas to entice friends and family

October presents lots of opportunities to be crafty with food.  Especially when it comes to Halloween-themed recipes, everything from orange carrots and purple eggplants to pumpkin bread and chocolate bat-shaped … Continue reading

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Families can eat well and be active together this summer

Summer presents a great opportunity for focusing on family health and well-being.  With school out of session and family vacations on the upswing, summer can be a great time to … Continue reading

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Airplane-friendly, healthy snacks a must for summer travel

As summer draws closer, many of us will be increasing air travel to various locations.  Whether to visit friends, family or for business trips, staying well nourished will help us … Continue reading

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Pesticides on fruits and vegetables found to increase risk of ADHD

Research results favor organic fruits and vegetables again.  According to Harvard researchers evaluating the topic, there appears to be a link between pesticide exposure and the development of ADHD (Attention … Continue reading

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Prenatal Nutrition – What you need to know!

Read about it my article in the Expectant Mother’s Guide to Charlotte: http://www.expectantmothersguide.com/library/charlotte/prenatalnutrition.htm

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