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Maternal factors may have significant impact on a child’s risk of autism

New research, published in the journal, Pediatrics, indicates there may be a link between maternal metabolic problems – obesity, diabetes and hypertension – and the development of autism and other … Continue reading

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Eggs healthy on Easter or any day!

Happy Easter! What a wonderful day to celebrate the nutritious egg.  On this day of regrowth and renewal, the egg not only is a symbol of Easter, but also a … Continue reading

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Healthful ways to add calories and gain weight

Looking to add calories to your diet or the diet of a loved one?  Although it may be surprising, since most Americans seek to cut out calories from their diets, … Continue reading

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Pesticides on fruits and vegetables found to increase risk of ADHD

Research results favor organic fruits and vegetables again.  According to Harvard researchers evaluating the topic, there appears to be a link between pesticide exposure and the development of ADHD (Attention … Continue reading

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Prenatal Nutrition – What you need to know!

Read about it my article in the Expectant Mother’s Guide to Charlotte: http://www.expectantmothersguide.com/library/charlotte/prenatalnutrition.htm

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Registered Dietitian Day – A great time to consider meeting with an RD!

A common question I receive is, “What is the difference between a registered dietitian and a nutritionist?”  As a registered dietitian (RD), I am proud to highlight myself as both … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day and chocolate – a heart-healthy match!

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand.  Have you eaten any (or will you) lately?  Being that Valentine’s Day just passed, chances are reasonably high the answer is, “yes!” And, isn’t … Continue reading

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Alcohol – good for your health or a risk?

Alcohol can be a tough topic of conversation for many people, as it goes beyond the lines of nutrition and enters into our values.  There are many thoughts and feelings … Continue reading

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Quick snacks and mini meals

Here are some great ideas as published in the September 2008 issue of American Baby magazine! -soy chips & hummus -greek yogurt & honey, walnuts and half a cup of … Continue reading

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Gain weight healthfully with balanced meals and snacks

While many individuals struggle with trying to lose weight, others struggle with trying to gain weight.  Whether someone seeks to recover from an eating disorder, manage a long-term illness (such … Continue reading

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