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Healthy tips from a Registered Dietitian

Men’s health is affected by their nutrition

This one is for the guys…and the gals who encourage them to eat well! 🙂 Click on this link: mens_health_infographic  

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Check out these food trays we made for the Davidson College Health Fair!

By selecting healthy foods for your meal tray, you are selecting to take care of your body!  We are what we eat, so fuel yourself well! dairy tray grains tray … Continue reading

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Healthy eating may slow development of dementia and ward off chronic disease among older adults

As as older adult, you have specific nutrient needs.  And, knowing and meeting your dietary needs can help you live a longer and healthier life. Key nutrients may be absent … Continue reading

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New ways to get vegetables into your diet

Are you tired of the same old vegetable side dishes you serve your family?  Know you need vegetables but unsure how else to prepare them?  Do you pass over all … Continue reading

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Eggs healthy on Easter or any day!

Happy Easter! What a wonderful day to celebrate the nutritious egg.  On this day of regrowth and renewal, the egg not only is a symbol of Easter, but also a … Continue reading

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Judge orders FDA to begin enforcing 1977 rule to ban widespread use of antibiotics in animals

Many health advocates are excited about the new pressure placed on the FDA to ban the widespread use of antibiotics in animals designated for human consumption.  For decades, the use … Continue reading

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Settlement requires FDA to decide if BPA should be banned from food industry

In 2008, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) filed a petition to the FDA to ban the use of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in the food industry.  BPA is … Continue reading

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It is 5 o’clock – keep your nutrition and health goals in check

So, the country song goes, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”   The song refers to 5 o’clock being the time when some feel it is acceptable to drink alcohol.  And, for … Continue reading

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Soup makes a nutritious winter meal

Soup makes a healthful, inexpensive and convenient meal, perfect for a chilly day.  And, yet, we often forget about soup.  Sure, you can buy canned soup and warm it up … Continue reading

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Choose a quality supplement for your nutrient needs – not all “vitamins” are the same

Are you looking for good supplements to accent your diet?  Many of us seek pills to take to try to make up for deficiencies in a not-so-perfect diet. While eating … Continue reading

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