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I Speak Out Against Weight Stigma!

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Infused waters help hydrate

Infusing water with fruits and vegetables – even herbs, spices & edible flowers – is a fun and tasty way to get hydrated!  BEST of all, they are super healthy! … Continue reading

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JuicePlus+ provides health benefits

http://jwhittington.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en.html  JuicePlus+ offers whole food based nutrition in an easy to take, daily serving of capsules or chewables.  I choose JP+ for myself and my family, as a way to … Continue reading

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Try JP+Complete Smoothies!

The perfect way to start my day!!! I love my JuicePlus+ Complete smoothie every morning for breakfast!  Into a blender goes my ever-changing blend of fruits and veggies, unsweetened almond … Continue reading

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Ideas for healthy, kid – friendly restaurant options to try

-Shrimp cocktail -Steamed or grilled vegetables (carrots and broccoli are actually reasonably popular among children…especially if there is a yummy dip alongside, such as raspberry vinaigrette dressing or ranch. -Thai … Continue reading

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Healthy School Year Eating For Your Family

• Ask your children, spouse or yourself for favorite food ideas. Keep a list of them on hand to help with meal planning throughout the year. • At the grocery … Continue reading

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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015 runs February 22 – 28…an opportunity to bring attention to the millions struggling with eating disorders every day. According to the National Eating Disorders … Continue reading

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You are beautiful!

Affirmations provide us with tools to help us emotionally cope with our anxieties.  Especially if a person struggles with disordered eating, including emotional eating, affirmations can enable that person to … Continue reading

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Amount of melatonin in certain foods

Melatonin (mcg/oz) bell peppers – 0.06 walnuts – 0.07 flax seeds (1tbsp) – 0.09 tomatoes – 0.1 fenugreek (1tsp) – 0.2 mustard seeds (1tsp) – 0.4 *tart cherries – 0.5 … Continue reading

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Protected: DS’s Diet – Quick Tips

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